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We watch anxiously that institutions which belong to Western Thrace Turkish Minority and the representatives of these institutions are shown as a target in the last period.
Recently, even in daily activities and events the Western Thrace Turkish Minority is reflected by some circles as “national danger” and this is on the rise. Every event of Minority institutions , all the visits and almost every contact of minority representatives are shown as in terms of the interests of the country, “danger” and “drawback” by some powers and the circulation of this through press and their efforts of doing propaganda with this aim reached to paranoia dimension.

We watched with sadness the existence of same perception of ‘threat and danger’’ on the acceptance of law in the parliament which will give the way for the application of decisions of the European Court of Human Rights by Greece related with Xanthi Turkish Union and other minority associations. In the light of the decisions of European Court of Human Rights which will enable the confirmation of the legal regulation and make official the associations , wresting and adding different dimension to this legal regulation added a new one to Western Thrace Turks disappointments. The opportunity of creating the environment of trust between the government and minority was missed because of the negative approach to Western Thrace Turks even victimizing them by illogical perception of ‘threat and danger”. The community of minority once more is face to face with disappointment.

Western Thrace Turkish Community struggles for their usurped rights, denied identity, for years invaded foundations and political and economic rights. To disrupt the minority struggle ,show the minority community as ‘threat’ for country’s safety and misdirect the aim are examples of deprivation from historical awareness. Before all, for such an effort , working as a propaganda machine is funny. Until this day, Western Thrace Turks passed all the examinations successfully. No one has the right to question the loyalty of minority people on their country. It is exorbitant to question about the loyalty of a minority on his country! So, circles that want to show Western Thrace Turks as target should give up their efforts as soon as possible.

The latest example of being shown, our minority institutions and their representatives ,as a target is Xanthi Turkish Union executives who are shown as target by “High Level Patrol Group” by giving the names of XTU executives and sharing the photographs of them. As FEP Party, we want to emphasize once more that we would never accept this kind of situation. Xanthi Turkish Union except being our minority’s association as the other associations, also is the oldest and distinguished foundation in the region which always contributes positively to culture and art of this region . No one has right to show as a target the executives of this historical minority institution executives in this way. We call upon security forces, judicial authorities and all officials to take the necessary precautions on the occasion of showing as target the Xanthi Turkish Union Executives. As a party, we stated before; People who show Western Thrace Turks as target, accuse, show as “others”, need to know that they do harm to their country than good.

The organisation which give themselves the name of “High Level Patrol Group” on their explanation they give the information that they helped to ‘Guardians of Thrace’ while stealing the car from headquarters and helped on kidnapping event of elected Mufti Ahmet Mete’s workmates. This gives different dimension to the incident. We announce that in this regard and related with the stolen car of Dr. Sadik Ahmet’s from headquarters, who lost his life in this car at traffic accident , and with the new datas related with it new file was being presented to security and judicial authorities. We want to emphasize that we are waiting from competent authorities to take into consideration the new data which presented related with our Party’s founder Dr. Sadik Ahmet’s stolen car .

The return of Western Thrace Muslim Turkish Minority rights arising from international and bilateral agreements is obligaton of our country Greece. It is not acceptable the distortion of minority struggle by some powers with hollow accusation and oppression.


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